Colour Blind Test

Colour Blind Test

How does the colour blind test work ?

If you can read the words in the above image, then you are not affected by colour blindness. If you cannot read the words in the above colour blind test, then I am afraid you are suffering from colour blindness.

Some facts about the colour blind test and colour blindness in general

1. People who suffer from colour blindness, are unable to see colours in the same way as others do, and they also have trouble distinquishing between two different colours.

2. The correct term for colour blindness is Colour vision deficiency.

3. Colour blindness affects approx 1 in 12 males and approx 1 in 100 females.

4. The majority of people affected by colour blindness have inherited it from their parents, although some people have developed colour blindness as a result of a other pre-exisiting health conditions.

5. There is no known cure for colour blindness at present.

6. The word color is present in the image above to see if you noticed that it was the US spelling of the word colour. If you didn't spot this, then you are a dick and the last laugh is on you.

7. The domain names and are also available to register at time of posting. If you want to make your own websites then feel free to register the domain names yourself - I have spent enough time procrastinating and wasting time making this one today, so I am definitely not registering them.

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Colour Blindness Is Not Funny

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